Yamaha cp4 vs cp88

Yamaha cp4 vs cp88

Subscribe via RSS. View Replies Hi, The CP88 looks and sounds on the demo videos like a great stage piano with an excellent layout and I am afraid I will have to replace my CP4 with the CP88 as soon as possible. I have a question about the keybed in CP However, one demonstrator on a video don't remember who stated that the keybed on CP88 is the same as on the P - so a bit confusing. It also seems from the pictures that the keys on the CP88 and P are textured whereas they are smooth on the CP4.

I would be glad if someone can clarify the differences on the keybeds in the 3 pianos listed above. Thank you very much in advance. Responses Latest Oldest. Bad Mister Yamaha. Accepted Answer Pending Moderation. The action has been designed in such a way that the escapement is discernible only on the lightest keystrokes, similar to the keyboard of a grand piano.

yamaha cp4 vs cp88

I would like to have a follow up question on the post Peter initiated. Your second question was directly answered. BM writes " Thanks Jason for the info CP88, which is supposed be the other way around I assume the NWX with escapement should provide better touch than NW-GH though I have not played any digital piano with escapement feature.

Please enlighten me if you have experience playing the 2 keybeds. The actions will play differently —they are slightly different. To be sure, escapement costs more to do, but you may decide that it is not for you.

To ask the question tells me that you are not quite sure what escapement does. The best thing I can encourage anyone to do is please go and play these tremendous instruments. Please just go play the P, and very shortly, the CP88 will be in stores, then even without knowing what escapement is you can decide which is the right instrument for you.

But no one, and I mean no one, can decide this for you. You may play them both for hours and never ever feel this difference. You may not even be able to feel it You are getting into an area that at least the piano technician would love to talk to you about.

They will thank you for asking! Will it fit your lifestyle.

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Do you gig? They might ask. One of these instruments is built to travel to and from hundreds of gigs per year. One has built-in speakers and is designed to use the wall and floor to disperse the sound throughout the room, the other connects unbalanced to both a pair powered floor monitors and can simultaneously send a balanced stereo signal to the FOH mixer.

You tell me It is a complex set of works that ensures rapid-fire. This makes it virtually impossible to out speed the keyboard. In an acoustic piano there are no triple sensors to chronicle the key-travel on its way down and back up.Please Pass It On! Visit Virtual Sheet Music to learn more Advanced Forum Search. Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Hop To. Yamaha CP88 vs P Joined: Nov Warsaw, Poland.

Szatanica OP. Hi All! I came across new Yamaha stage piano just couple of days ago. I've been searching for a digital piano for a while now, I was reeeeeealy close to buying P, but there was just something not right with not to go into detailsand I just couldn't make a choice and I've been checking out dozens of dps in last three months. I have not touched it yet as most of the stores in my city are fed up with me already: Plus I'm not sure if an of those have it on display.

But I was wondering after watching all of the YT presentations if this is in fact the best option all those are my opinion only : - it has a great sounding classical pianos I love Bosendofrer - it has very intuitive interface and it looks clear and simple - it's sturdy, very nice looking as opposed to P which to me for it looked plasticky and like it was still lost somewhere in the 90s, aweful buttons and tiny bluish screen, yuck, sorry Yes, I know they serve a bit different purpose and prices are different but still Anyone already owns CP88?

Re: Yamaha CP88 vs P Joined: Sep The last I heard, the CP88 has no string resonance. And voice selection on the CP88 is pretty limited. I wouldn't buy it.

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With options for modulation settings for each of the sections, plus a master section, I'd say it has some cool options. It might not have millions of sounds, but then again I don't think I personally need those. The string resonance is an interesting point though Print Thread Show Likes. Piano Concerts, Recitals, Competitions Tons more music related products in our online store! What's Hot!! The Piano World During the Pandemic! Can anyone help me get RCM sheet music? Time to switch teachers??Subscribe via RSS.

View Replies 9. From a piano player's standpoint, aren't the CP88 and CP4 almost identical. They both share the same key bed and also the highly touted CFX grand piano sample. Responses 9. Latest Oldest.

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Blake Yamaha. Accepted Answer Pending Moderation.

Kraft Music - Yamaha CP4 STAGE Digital Piano Demo with Blake Angelos

They are not identical actually. Both the action and CFX sound are different: The CP88 action is an updated action with synthetic ivory and ebony key tops. That alone feels different, but the action itself feels just a touch heavier. That, coupled with the aluminum design makes the entire instrument feel a bit more solid-feeling IMHO. Of course the CP73 is an entirely different balanced hammer action.

It feels good, light, fast It's an entirely different vibe. You are right that in the CP4 there are different piano variants but the data referenced is the same.

Some are voiced a bit brighter, some a bit darker, etc. The CP4 is a great stage piano, no question, and there are some deeper programming capabilities that the CP73 and CP88 don't share.

The new interface on the CP88 is really where it shines over the CP4. The way it plays is different, the voicing especially in the mid and high middle range has been improved, the audio output has been improved, there are the new pianos like an added Bosendorfer, added S and with OSv 1. The additional upright pianos--especially the U1 with the "played in" sound--are also great and I can easily find a musical use for them.

And the CP OS updates are going to bring you entirely new sounds. Really, the entire experience of playing the CP88 is just different than the CP4. The CP4 is a great instrument and has served me well personally over the years, but the improvements that the CP88 and 73 offer with sound and realtime control are amazing and a welcome improvement.

Just to circle back with your initial point Bad Mister Yamaha. That would be more apples to apples To say the pianos are bright would be inaccurate, the system might be bright due to other factors.Please Pass It On!

Visit Virtual Sheet Music to learn more Advanced Forum Search. Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Hop To. Joined: Feb Originally Posted by Dave Ferris.

Yamaha Introduces CP88, CP73 Stage Pianos And Blows Our Mind

But for a wedding, I wouldn't be all that discerning. Just something super light you can get around on, and with speakers. Often the internals would be enough to cover the gig if the area wasn't that large.

Joined: Nov United Kingdom. Wow, well thanks for all the responses, I guess I'm not getting a cp88 now, I'll stick with my cp4 for gigs, maybe get a nice cabinet dp for home although I do love playing the garritan cfx through my cp4 enough not to need a second piano. Joined: Mar Rochester, NY. CP88 is great. I just played on in Buffalo and I like the build quality better also.

Joined: Oct If so, would this matter? Joined: Apr Everything is identical and this is mentioned explicitly in Yamaha's official website. It is very unlikely that CP88 gets any simulation capabilities as this feature does not exist in its synths. Some of these effects are more than a decade old! So old that they sound quite bad and awful. The funny thing is Yamaha is not throwing them away! Joined: Jul Cheshire, United Kingdom. Doug M. Originally Posted by Fleer.

Hands-on: Yamaha CP88 and CP73 stage pianos

Thanks Doug. Still quite some uncertainties there. On the other hand, I do find Japanese instruments are very well made. And longevity often coincides with fame and reputation. In my experience, Japan-made products often trump Chinese or Korean ones, even coming from the same companies. Similar with cars. German or Japanese cars often trump their Mexican or Indian siblings.

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My instrument is the flute. Joined: Sep San Francisco, CA.My CP88 experience so far. Joined: Feb Harlem, NYC. So after much hand wringing and back and forth, I finally received delivery of a Yamaha CP 88 this past Thursday.

For the record, my test were done thru a pair of QSC K 8. First of all build quality is top notch. Solid chassis, great switches and buttons, compact form factor for an 88 note stage piano, its only rival on that front being NP4. Plus, the Kronos RH3, while being the best of all Korg weighted actions, is still sorely lacking when sharp, rhythmic playing is needed. I did side by side examples of shout choruses on both instruments and the CP ate the Kronos for breakfast.

Excellent controller. The question is: who gets closest to a satisfying, organic emulation of these timeless instruments? They have really taken the best points of Nord in the design and made it their own.

KC Island. Re: My CP88 experience so far. Joined: Aug Al Coda. Originally Posted by jimkost Joined: Jan San Francisco. It's good to have a thorough review like that from someone who has put their hands on everything.

I've been very happy with my CP73 even though the action is a big step down from the But the finger to sound connection is superb and inspiring, and the combination of portability and action makes it a winner for me. If I could afford the extravagance, I'd have a CP88 set up at home and keep the 73 ready to go in its gig case.

yamaha cp4 vs cp88

Curious though why you put the P in a different category.Please Pass It On! Visit Virtual Sheet Music to learn more Advanced Forum Search.

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Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Hop To. Joined: Nov United Kingdom. Hi all, Anyone have experience of playing these 2 pianos side by side or just in comparison in general? I only care really for the action, as my aging CP4 is a bit weary now and old I just want to replace it with a new stage piano that I can play CFX garritan through and use for weddings and other live events.

I heard the action is heavier than cp4, which ideally I don't want, i want a fast action with good repeated notes capability and trills capability and just basically a better action than the cp4 that I already have.

Thank you Mark. Joined: Jun You are the only person who can judge the actions. Login name is a tribute to Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, arguably the historically first great keyboard virtuoso. Joined: Jul Cheshire, United Kingdom. Doug M. Originally Posted by mwf. Joined: Sep Hamamatsu, Japan. Kawai James.Please Pass It On! Visit Virtual Sheet Music to learn more Advanced Forum Search. Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Hop To. Joined: Nov Boston, Massachusetts.

Marko in Boston OP. Marko in Boston. I always like sound comparison videos.

Joined: May Moscow, Russia. Iaroslav Vasiliev. Thank you for the link! In my opinion Nord has more interesting piano sound.

I agree that the Nord has more interesting pianos.

yamaha cp4 vs cp88

However, it's partially an unfair comparison as Nord has a such robust piano library plus effects such as advanced string resonance. Not to say that the Yamaha piano voices aren't great. All subjective to one's ear of course which is why i like these sound comparison videos FWTW.

OT: What I do find a bit interesting in is that Yamaha stage pianos had some design similarities to their competition on the past two releases. Now the new CP88 controls and navigation are moderately similar to the Nord Piano 4. Not sure where i'm going with this, but it's just an observation. Joined: Sep Rusty Mike.

yamaha cp4 vs cp88

Marko, I made a similar point in the comments section of the video: "One of the things that makes it difficult to compare Nord pianos against others the vastness of the Nord Piano Library.

There are 11 grand pianos, 12 upright pianos, 10 electric pianos and 3 electric grands to choose from. They all have different characters to them. To some degree, you can compare similar piano types, like the Bosendorfer in the CP88 to the Imperial Grand sample for the Nord. Nord's Grand Upright U3 can compare to the CP's U1 sample, but it sounded to me like this comparison used the Mellow Upright as the upright example, which is significantly different from a U1, and leads the listener to believe that the Nord uprights are dark.

Nord's own U3 sample is every bit as cutting as the CP's U1. Also, not to be down on Yamaha, but their promise to update the instrument with additional content is a new thing for them.

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