Starbucks survey questions

Starbucks survey questions

Introduction :. Hello, we are three ungraduate students from the American University of Dubai and we would really appreciate it if you complete this survey with your honest opinion about Starbucks. Note that the survey will be strictly confidential, your identity will stay anonymous. The survey consists of 25 questions it will take you minutes. We would like to thank you in advance for participating on our survey.

Once a week.

starbucks survey questions

Couple times a month. I usually go to Starbucks: Alone. With someone. I would rate the atmosphere of Starbucks to be: Very bad. Very good. How satisfied are you with the employee service of Starbucks? I rate the friendliness of the employees: Very bad.

I think that Starbucks has enough pastry options. Strongly Disagree. Strongly Agree. I think Starbucks should advertise more.

Strongly disagree. How important is price to you when choosing Starbucks? I think the quality of the products is worth the prices. Strongly agree.

Does the price determine the product you choose? I consider that Starbucks should offer more promotional offers like sales and coupons.Apr 9, Fast Food and Restaurant Surveys.

Here are the steps and benefits so you can start earning your Starbucks Stars.

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For all questions specific to a particular location, use the telephone number on your receipt. Completing a Starbucks survey will help you begin to build a collection of valuable Starbucks Stars.

After a healthy accumulation of these stars, you can actually earn purchase rewards that are better than a gift card or coupons. After you complete the Starbucks survey, leave feedback about your experience. My fave is the triple-shot, almond milk pumpkin spice latte. Great hearing from you, maybe stop by when you get other survey codes? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Starbucks Customer Experience Survey

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starbucks survey questions

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Tell me about yourself.In the following article, those of you who have recently visited a Starbucks location will learn step-by-step details about the Starbucks survey at MyStarbucksVisit, in order to successfully complete the questionnaire and receive the reward that is offered on your receipt. By successfully completing the Starbucks customer experience survey at www. The coupon code is good for the specific offer that you see printed on your receipt, which is usually a complimentary tall beverage of your choice.

You must write the code down and bring it with you the next time you visit a Starbucks location. Generally, you have up to 30 days to actually redeem the coupon code. You can visit the official Starbucks website. From there, you can view the Starbucks menu items, check out their rewards card, and more. To take the Starbucks Customer Experience Surveyyou must visit the survey website.

With the Starbucks Customer Experience Survey taking place online, you may or may not encounter technical problems while trying to take the survey. If anything occurs such as issues loading the webpage, you can check that you have cookies enabled in your internet settings as the website autodetects them. Alternatively, you can reach out via email to the survey sponsor to ask additional questions or receive help.

You can find Starbucks locations even within other stores e. Sometimes, the Starbucks in question can follow the operating hours of the store it is in. You may see hours such as 8AM-9PM daily. Contact your local Starbucks to learn more. Currently, Starbucks runs over 28, locations throughout the world.

In the United States, there are more than 13, locations. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Three thousand individuals were surveyed at various retail locations and malls. A series of 11 questions regarding the likes and dislikes of current food and beverage choices as well as possible future lunch and dinner options revealed several findings for Starbucks.

Starbucks has decided to analyze the data as follows. Survey Questions 1 and 6 gave the consumer a chance to provide information on social media sites their most active on and also their awareness on Public Relations campaigns Starbucks have featured over the recent years.

While the research shows that Facebook had the most active participants The survey showed that of the. Urbana-Champaign were addicted to Starbucks. This was at stake because students can be drown into debt because of their overspending in Starbucks. Also, drinking too much coffee can lead to stomach problems and other debilitating illnesses that cloud the mind and make the body sluggish.

starbucks survey questions

Therefore, I designed to conduct a research and find out why Starbucks are so attractive that caused. Starbucks employ approximatelyworkforces within 19, corporation functioning and licensed retailers in 62 nations.

Starbucks Corporation is a globally well-known America company, who has been successfully maintained its stable loyal customer basis around the world. The company was initially established in Seattle, Washington, providing quality premium coffees with a superior level of customer service.

The soundest target population will be the male and females ages alternating from 25 to 44 years since it encompasses the larger amount of the target market. These people are distinguished by. Many major corporations look to implement a system that allows for strategic consumer marketing to assist in boosting revenue.

This can often be done by the implementation of a customer relationship management CRM system. The CRM system is a strategic marketing tool that utilizes a detailed customer database Cannon et al. Creating a template that contains critical customer information is the initial step.

Tracking customer satisfaction is the following necessary step. The final. Publishing as Prentice Hall. As ofthere were more than 16, stores in over 50 countries including more than 8, company-operated stores and more than 7, licensed stores. Name: Shanice Forbes and Sharifa Small Fair Trade: Starbucks Corporation Methods Survey Questions The survey questions mostly consisted of multiple choice questions, two open-ended questions, allowing written responses, and one qualitative response question.

Lastly, there were two demographic questions. The demographic questions are for a general understanding on consumers behavior based on age group and gender.

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For an overview of the survey, see appendix I. The survey was created through Survey Monkey by the researchers who conducted the study. Survey Monkey provided their answer style as a guideline for the research. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Open Document.Starbucks has switched to emailed surveys for you to rate your store visit. This summer, the in-store survey invitations changed to be a survey with no incentive to do it all.

Starbucks Customer Survey

Customers noticed the missing survey incentive, and asked for the incentive back on MyStarbucksIdea. Before that, your survey receipt was worth one free tall hand-crafted beverage. And long before that, your survey receipt allowed you to enter into giveaways for money prizes.

All the old invitations-on-in-store-receipts are a thing of the past now. There are far fewer questions. There are no demographic questions asking about income, age bracket, or even how many times a month you go to Starbucks.

There are fewer questions about what your experience was. You answer the questions on a scale of one to seven.

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The new surveys are very mobile phone responsive! You can easily do the survey within a couple of minutes from your phone. I can think of lots of pros and cons of this new survey system. This is huge! Lots of retailers offer some small incentive for doing a survey.

On the downside, there is no way to give any open-ended feedback on the store. I also wonder how Starbucks collects demographic data without the survey questions. Since the surveys are now tied to My Starbucks Rewards, it seems like only My Starbucks Rewards members are doing surveys now. That seems like a skewed audience sample. I think the new e-mailed surveys are a good move by Starbucks. The difference in length in dramatic. Like before, only randomly selected individuals will receive surveys about their store visits.

Some research suggests that half of unhappy customers stay quiet and say nothing. Hopefully, if Starbucks has many doors open to feedback i.Starbucks is hosting an online customer survey toward U. You will get a validation code which can be redeemed at Starbucks for a free beverage. Beverage offer expires in 30 days. About Starbucks Starbucks coffeehouses have become a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere. Your email address will not be published. I bought a Christmas tree drink today.

It did not look as good as the picture. And the taste is not so good. Yolanda from E Texas was v helpful when I called to transfer an unused e-gift n the balance of my other cards to my Starbucks App.

Great experience! But they call him Nick! He is such an awesome person and worker! Took my husband one day and we were at the register and there was lots of people there and in drive thru.

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He glance at my order walking by. And saw what I had ordered and he had it done by the time we were done paying. Plus everybody that was a head of us! He should be recognized for doing such great work and having a very nice personality! Oh yea this is in San Antonio Texas! Thank you! But, today as a regular homeless customer, I feel I was not treated with the same respect as other paying customers at this store.

I had asked one of the cashiers a question regarding the size and price comparison for a cup of regular coffee, and to my dismay, I had she kind of rude and had snapped at me and she gave my a bad vibe today, and I feel that her atitude was very unprofessional and un-businessness like.

Readsurvey is taking care of each online customer satisfaction survey. You will find the most fresh, reliable and useful online customer survey information here.

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This is the right place to help you finish the survey in an easier and quicker way. Starbucks Customer Experience Survey. After providing your feedback, you will be given a Validation Code to redeem the printed offer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rating 4. Rated 5. Debra copeland says:. Aubrey says:. Rated 2. Mike Bargmann says:.

Rated 4.

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Aisha Scott says:. Siew juhadi says:. Rated 1. Pat Worthy says:. Regena Martin says:. Kylee Banghart says:.

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