Google charts zoom example

Google charts zoom example

Explore more data in less space and create truly unique reports and dashboards with the help of advanced custom visuals for Microsoft Power BI.

Discover new horizons in data visualization, exploration and navigation with our extensive API that seamlessly integrates visualizations into your product.

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Overcome the challenges presented by Big Data and Internet of Things: our technology lets you explore your data in a simple and fast manner. With custom built multi-touch engine ZoomCharts technology allows you to enjoy dashboards and reports on any device. Make data exploration more enjoyable by configuring and customizing our interconnected solutions on your terms.

Zooming and Panning Options with Syncfusion Angular Charts

Illegal use of the license is being logged and will be used as evidence of the breach. Please answer a few questions before you start. It will help us to improve your ZoomCharts experience. What problem do you hope to solve with our visuals? Select the most important reason. Please select only one answer. ZoomCharts - The world's most interactive javascript charts library to build custom analytics solutions.

Enjoy data Smart technology that makes working with data easy, engaging and productive. Next generation of data visualization Our technology lets your data tell an engaging story while significantly improving the data exploration process. Globally recognized Any segment and industry can enjoy the benefits of applying our technology to data visualization.

Educational institutions. Government institutions. Try ZoomCharts technology yourself Choose the most suitable product for your needs and see how you can improve the way you work with data. Area chart Area chart with smoothing Stacked area chart with based stacking Stacked area chart with normal stacking Bar chart Side by side bar chart Bar and area chart Bar, line and area chart Line Chart with smoothing Line Chart Multiple level donut chart with others grouping Donut chart with drill-down Pie chart with others grouping Pie chart with others grouping and drill-down Multiple level gauge chart Single level gauge chart Gauge chart filled centre Multiple level span chart.

Single developer license is valid for development and quality assurance only. Not valid for production use. Production deployment license is valid for the deployment of your project in the production environment. Licences for development purposes. Basic email support is provided without any guaranteed response time. Priority email support is provided with guaranteed 1 business day response time.

These licences permit the use of ZoomCharts in production mode. Pricing is subscription based. Offered for a one-time payment.

Visualization: Geomap

Production deployment license is required when you are deploying solution in the production environment regardless if it's internal or external use. Updates are available as long as the subscription is kept active.

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One business day upto 8h support means that our developer will help your team with the following questions: how to configure ZoomCharts, how to create suitable data adapter, how to integrate with other JS components, which charts to choose, and so on.

During this day, our developer will work closely with your team and will provide hand-on help. ZoomCharts Developers and Designers will develop and design charts for your needs. Combined effort of 8h of work is included in one day service. We will help you to connect the charts to your data sources and suggest on how to work with different data sets.These APIs have the power to show a map for users.

Using the Google Map Chart we represent the data of an area. It is just like a normal map. In Google Map Charts, the values are displayed in the form of Markers.

Here the data values may be coordinates or an address. When you go with the markers then some of the information will be displayed.

For example if you want to show the population of India then simply go to the marker India. When you go to it then there will be a pop-up that shows the population of India.

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You can also apply the zoom option in the Google Map Chart. Using the zooming option the areas specification will increase if you zoom in and when you zoom out then the area specification will be decreased.

There are mainly two types of Google Map Charts available that I will describe for you one by one. The name of the those Google Map Charts are given below.

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In this Google Map Chart we use a Tool tip, in other words when the user goes to the marker then there will be a tool tip generated and through that we represent the data for the end user.

To enable the tool tip we use the showTip option. It is just a simple Google location chart for a better understanding. Please understand the example that is given below.

Save this file with the. Now run this file at your browser. Then you will see a Map. Sometimes your browser does not support all the JavaScript files so if it creates a problem then run your file in another browser. Map document. When you click on any marker then it shows the country name and its population because here we use the country name and its population for the proceeding the output, as you see in the preceding output.

The main purpose of using the longitude and latitude is that it is faster compared to a named location Google Map Chart.Use a geo chart to show a map of a country, continent, or region. The values for each location are shown with colors. For example, create a map that shows the population of countries in Europe. Make a copy. Use a geo chart with markers when you want to show data for a location using a circular marker.

The marker size is based on the data for each location. Using Google products, like Google Docs, at work or school? Try powerful tips, tutorials, and templates. Learn to work on Office files without installing Office, create dynamic project plans and team calendars, auto-organize your inbox, and more.

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google charts zoom example

Geo charts Use a geo chart to show a map of a country, continent, or region. How to format your data First column : Enter location names or region codes.

Second column : Enter numeric data. You can also add a category name optional. Rows : Each row represents a different location on the chart. You can also add a category name to the rows, instead of the columns optional. Geo chart with markers Use a geo chart with markers when you want to show data for a location using a circular marker.

On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Double-click the chart you want to change. At the right, click Customize. Choose an option: Chart style : Change background color or font. Geo : Choose a region or change location colors. Was this helpful? Yes No.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project?

Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub?

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Sign in to your account. Hey, I am using chart JS for drawing chart in my website. I was wondering if there is any option to zoom the chart? Like in the line graph for bar charts, is there option like that?

It's very urgency for me. Thanks in advance. It's really more about just scaling the values of your chart in fractions. JamesWilsonNovel I'm using ChartJS and would that the user rotate the mouse wheel on the chart, it is capable of zooming. I tried to do something like JamesWilsonNovel but then I tried google charts. Google also forces you to call their API, so code is not self-contained.

I love Chart. From the perspective of the chart, zooming is essentially 2 things:. In terms of triggering zoom, I don't know how much we'd put into the core. I think we would create an extension that would add that functionality. The extension could have dependencies like HammerJS for gesture support and other advanced things that we don't necessarily want in the core.

While I know you, and others, are always expanding it and improving it, when trying to decide on which library to use it would be handy to have a changelog with some dates to see a timeline of features that have been added so they can project into the future that maybe within a short period what they want would be supported.The annotated timeline now automatically uses Annotation Charts instead. Important: To use this visualization, you must specify the height and width of the container element explicitly on your page.

The google. The visualization's class name is google. You can display one or more lines on your chart. Each row represents an X position on the chart--that is, a specific time; each line is described by a set of one to three columns.

Enables a more efficient redrawing technique for the second and later calls to draw on this visualization. It only redraws the chart area. To use this option, you must fulfill the following requirements:. Whether to show the zoom range selection area the area at the bottom of the chartwhere false means no. The outline in the zoom selector is a log scale version of the last series in the chart, scaled to fit the height of the zoom selector.

Which dot on the series to highlight, and corresponding values to show in the legend. Select from one of these values:. Specifies the number format patterns to be used to format the values at the top of the graph. The patterns should be in the format as specified by the java DecimalFormat class. If this option is specified, the displayExactValues option is ignored.

Specifies which values to show on the Y axis tick marks in the graph. The default is to have a single scale on the right side, which applies to both series; but you can have different sides of the graph scaled to different series values. This option takes an array of zero to three numbers specifying the zero-based index of the series to use as the scale value.

Where these values are shown depends on how many values you include in your array:. When displaying more than one scale, it is advisable to set the scaleType option to either 'allfixed' or 'allmaximized'. Sets the maximum and minimum values shown on the Y axis. The following options are available:.

Note : Because of certain limitations, events might not be thrown if you are accessing the page in your browser as a file e. Because of Flash security settings, this and all Flash-based visualizations might not work correctly when accessed from a file location in the browser e. This is typically a testing issue only.A geo map provides an easy way to visualize how a measurement varies across a geographic area. The type of geographic dimension selected for a chart determines how your data will be organized on the map.

For example, to group your data by city, select a dimension containing city names or valid city codes. To see your data grouped by country, select a dimension containing country names or codes. The actual values used to encode the geographic information must conform to the relevant standard used for that dimension.

Some geographic types can only be used in specific data source types. See Supported geographic field types below for more details. The zoom area determines how much of the world the map displays. It also can restrict the data shown by the geo map. For example, selecting the City dimension and setting the zoom area to Germany DElimits the geo map to showing cities in Germany.

The map itself zooms in to focus on Germany. If there isn't a mapping between the selected geo field type and available zoom areas, you may be able to restrict the data using a filter, as shown in the examples below. Data Studio supports the following geographic field types. Each of the entries below includes the relevant encoding standard for that field type, the data sources in which that type can be used, and the available zoom areas for that type of field. This helps minimize the chance of erroneous data due to city name duplication.

Google Analytics data sources automatically provide the latitude and longitude for the city dimension. This lets Data Studio accurately map city locations, which in turn allows it to plot the top rows of data. Because city names are not unique, you should use the zoom area to narrow down the map area and avoid duplication.

See the examples below. Geo maps plot the City ID field types with map markers, rather than shaded regions, with larger markers representing greater metric values than smaller markers.

Metro and Metro codes are used to plot media markets. These geo field types are only available for the United States. Metro is only available in Google Analytics data sources. Sub Continent is only available in Google Analytics data sources. A data source provides the connection between the component and the underlying data set. Data source options are:.

google charts zoom example

Dimensions are data categories. Dimension values the data contained by the dimension are names, descriptions or other characteristics of a category. A single valid geo dimension is required. See the geographic dimension details above. Drilling down gives viewers a way to reveal additional levels of detail within a chart. When you turn on Drill down, each dimension you add becomes another level of detail you can drill into.

Learn more about chart drill down. The Date Range Dimension is used as the basis for limiting the date range of the chart.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

I want to enable zooming. Documents say that the 'explorer' option is useful. But when I try to use the 'explorer' option, the chart is shown but zoom does not work. ColumnChart document.

If you want to set Width and Height according to the Screen. So, you can achieve this by using "innerWidth" and "innerHeight" as shown below:.

The Below code will work but you should not use animation on your charts.

google charts zoom example

Remove animation and use only explorer. This is a bug, if animation is applied then zoom will not work. Learn more. Zoom Google Line chart Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 3 months ago. Active 4 months ago.

Viewed 36k times. DataTable ; data.

Chart API Examples

Year, dataValues[i]. Month-1, dataValues[i]. DaydataValues[i].

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